Privacy Policy Privacy Policy:

The while dispersing out its services to people collects their personal information and shares sometimes through its website. The cordially venerates all of your input information. It takes all precautionary measures to protect an individual privacy. We ensure the excellent standards of safety. Visitors who comment or subscribe to our newsletter or any kind of notification must be sure that only their IP address, username and email address will be recorded and will be kept safe.

Your Information:

The information collection process is divided into two categories. The website collects everyone’s information that comes to its site. However, this is only used to keep the records and to compile the visitors’ related statistics. It compiles your information like, username and password, your email, telephone and home address for payment method and delivery processes.

Personal Information Usage:

The ensures the safety and security of personal data. We never give out any of our clients’ personal information, never have we sold it nor did we put it on rent for any reason, as other marketers sell for commercial purposes to advertise and charge them heavy fees. Neither have we shared information for any type of scam in past, nor we will. Your information that we give to third party is only to the shipping industry that is partner with us in serving you. As delivery of order needs to share information of mailing address and telephone numbers.

Moreover, your information can be shared with the other service providers like the live customer care support- live chat. This is established for the ease of customer and for buyer’s help. This third party is bound by law for in using the privacy as mentioned in company’s policy and procedures code.

Communication Methods and Your Information:

Your information is shared with the service third party, who dispense services, is responsible to sent you message for new product of our company. Your email has been activated on the list when you subscribed to get notification by email. On subscription only, you will get texts messages and email. The is fully aware of its responsibility towards security of your data. If you ever feel that you do not need any update or communication notices, then you are free always to unsubscribe from our notifications. On removal or un-subscription, your information of telephone and email address will be removed from activated list.

Legal Requirement of Sharing Info:

The is bind by cyber law like all other websites. We are required by law to share information if there is an urgent case of criminal procedure. We are required to do so by a court order. It is our responsibility to fight for our rights and for our clients’ rights.

Information Security:

We follow the doctrine: your security is our priority!

The does not give access to any third party to have a look for your information. The ensures all ways to protect your personal data. We do not make any disclosure even when our customer leaves us and no longer buys our products or in any case have completed its goal and have stopped using our products. Your security have made ensured in all cases. No any type of third party or affiliated marketer is allowed to give any type of information for any business purposes.

What Security Measures Takes:

The has taken all the precautionary measures to secure your information. The piece of information that you leave here on our website is encrypted through the SSL- Secure Socket Layer technology. However, as you are aware of the versatile nature of internet that any security measure becomes infallible when black ways are adopted by hackers. In that case we will not be responsible of any such situation and damage that accompanies afterwards, because we will also suffer in that case heavily.

Moreover, you must secure your own safety. Whenever you are logged in you will have to give you username and password. When you are done with your work online and leaving our website you must be sure that you have logged out properly so that no one can gain knowledge of your personal data and chats. Also, you must not disclose your password to anyone. If in any case you received any call or email on behalf of our company to give your username and password you must not respond to that as, the can never ask you such personal details.

Business Transfer Deals:

The is affiliated with and thus it is a type of business deal, or sometimes called as referral program. Whenever in business any type of merging with any third party happens or whenever transition in business occurs, we never let the privacy of people shared in any case. The privacy policy will remain same even when the third party will get this websites reins. Thus, you are safe here in all cases. However, after buying or complete transition of website, we, the current administrator will not be responsible in any case of any discrepancies. Additionally, whenever such thing happens, the new runners are obliged to protect your privacy in all cases.

Web Cookies:

The saving of text files of visitor in small chips is known as cookies, usually cookie is known as small piece of information. It is data that is collected and stored for record purpose in computer. The shared information of every visitor is remained record in form of cookies. Basically, there are two types of cookies however, we only use persistent cookie to save your login information. Thus, website uses cookies to help visitors. However, if anyone does not want to let his info saved in cookies he/she can refuse to the cookies option and remove the cookie. Nevertheless, it will result in poor operating of website.

Social Links:

The website has allotted place for advertisement and their links to their websites. is not responsible for any kind of information collection by other websites. These links are solely linked to other websites and you are bound to read their privacy policy and other general practices of collecting statistics through cookies etc. this website will not be responsible for any kind of loss of data in case, if you are using other websites through their links.

There are links to the other website such as twitter, facebook, and other electronic widgets whenever you click the button of any of other site it will direct you that website. Almost all websites use cookies and collect some information regarding you IP address etc. The information collected by these sites will not lie in our privacy policy sphere. Therefore, you must read the privacy policy of those sites. The interaction of other website through our page is operated by third party.

Notification of Change in Privacy Policy:

The has set its policy once for all. Now there will no major change in our policy in any case. However, if in future there will any need arise due to any unpleasant situation or any change in information technology we will past a notification for our users ease. Any kind of information that we are recording if in any case we need to publish or review or any related work with your information the will notify you prior using of your information.